Saturday, 4 June 2011

Saturday adventures

Life as a single mum is never dull.  I left home at 9.20am and arrived back in at 7pm.

I needed to get my hair cut and coloured so I did this first, drove the 30 minutes to the next town and back.
On my way back I swung in to home and collected Miss 16 and her friend and then drove to the soccer oval, where Miss 8 and Miss 12 were.

Miss 8 played her game, took it easy this week!  After she played we piled back in the car and I returned to the nearby town to watch Miss 16 play soccer.  It was raining, wet and cold.  I didn't take a jacket or an umbrella so my very new hairstyle was quite limp by the end of the game.

When we rolled in to our home town we went and visited a work colleague and her children.  After that we celebrated Mass at our local Catholic Church and finally arrived home at 7pm.

My time this evening is going to be spent stiching my block I set up yesterday.

What I did manage to do before I set off this morning was group my fabric in to colours and photograph.
The light coloured fabrics

The dark coloured fabrics
The fabrics are going to be used in my Friendship Challenge which Kylie from My Addiction to Quilting. I hope I have enough will get these ironed up and cut out so I can begin my challenge.

Wish me luck....


  1. oooooooo.....see what you have found in your stash.. love the colours

  2. I too was surprised hope it works


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