Friday, 3 June 2011

Block ready to needle turn

Tonight I put the fifth block of Secret Garden by The Chook Shed together, 4 more to go. Unfortunately the two talented ladies who were The Chook Shed parted company a few years back and are not creating patterns together.  They are now working independently.

I love the large pieces of this block, and the bright colours of this quilt.

Here is the block I prepared earlier this evening......

This is the centre block of the quilt.
There are four blocks like the one below, which are finished, and are the corner blocks.

The corner blocks

The other 4 blocks will have lime green leaves and pink, purple, blue and yellow centres.  These blocks don't have the berries or stems (thank goodness) 
Needle turning the circles are a challenge for me, although you would assume I would be good at it seeings I have done lots.

Oh well.... I am off to sew now...


  1. Looking good !! I should get mine out too and finish them LOL

  2. Yes you should Michelle!
    Just add it to the list.

    I have gotten more blocks finished after moving then I did when I went to the group.

    I do miss catching up with everyone, but on the upside I can come visit.

  3. Me too. I should finish mine off as well.

  4. That is right... crack that whip and pick up those blocks and sew go girls go girls...


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