Wednesday, 1 June 2011

W.I.P - Wednesday

My goodness I cannot believe it is Wednesday and the start of Winter, not that the weather here indicates it's the start of winter.  Today it is quite mild.

I am currently attempting to complete my Down in the Garden blocks. I am also needing to complete an assignment for uni, wonder if that is classed as a WIP?

Down in the Garden, all this is left to do on this block the centre and ring around the flower on the left hand side.

The block also needs the centres and the middle ring filled on those red flowers.  Also the dresden plate flower which will sit on the green check fabric.
I am so close to completing both these blocks.  That will leave me with one block for the qult.

My priority today is to work on my assignment.... it is a WIP that I am not too keen to begin.


  1. So does that mean the next time I see you it will be finished LOL

  2. lol you are so funny? I am hoping so.

    I am hoping to drop by at the end of June. But not making any firm plans as it seems each time I plan something it changes.

  3. Such beautiful blocks - I bet your finished quilt be be gorgeous!


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