Sunday, 17 July 2011

Lazy Sundays..

Well here we are once again at the start of the week.

Last week my daughter, Talia, had her 13th birthday.  Wow two teenagers in the house now, how will I cope.  She had a few friends over for to sleep and now I have to find a missing ipod from one of the girls. I hope I find it, maybe it went home with someone else - hope so..

I also had a couple of days off to spend with the girls and my (ex) sister and brother in law and their three kids.  We had a great couple of days.  When I went back to work they took my car and my kids to see The Dish, over in Parkes.  Candice drove home and even parked in a car park and reversed back out of it.  First time...

I went to a town 3 hours away for a presentation which was great.  I went with one of the ladies from work and it was a fantastic trip away. 

If I was living in Balranald I would be just finishing up breakfast at Spoons in Swan Hill and heading over to Miss Sampson's Drapery for a few hours sewing with some awesome ladies.  But I don't live there anymore and I can't find a group to join where I am living, so I am just going to enjoy the company of my kids and attempt to get the house in order for the return of school.

Last night I managed to get some stitching completed on my Down in the Garden block.  I am hoping to sit down and watch a movie today and do some more.

Short week at work this week.  From Wednesday I am heading off to Sydney for meetings on Thursday & Friday.  Looking forward to this.  I have lots of places to visit this term and I am looking forward to going to towns I have never been to, Cobar, Bourke, Nyngan are only a few...

I am eagerly awaiting the completion of the iPad cover from Kylie.  The instructions can be found here.  It is looking so good so far and I am keen to see the final product.

Will post some pics later of my sewing success, if there is any.

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