Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I need a holiday...

I have been so busy these past few days.  I have not even picked up any sewing item.  Sad I know.

We have had family visit from Balranald. It is great to see them.  They  are loving photo booth on my iPad!  We went over to Orange so that the older 4 could go to the movies, they went to see Transformers in 3D, not much talk about it but I am sure they liked it!

Had a yummy meal last night prepared by my sister-in-law, chook, salad, rice and pasta.  Delicious!

Today I am back at work and everyone else is heading over to Parkes for a visit. Wonder if Candice can convince them she wants to drive home!

I am looking forward to a friend from Swan Hill call in on her way past today.  She is off visiting her mum. 

Best go and get organised for work.  Hope I can get some stitching done while I am there, I can't seem to do any at home.

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