Saturday, 6 August 2011

Family time....

After a trip to Parkes for my hair cut we managed to arrive back home safe and sound.  Candice drove us there and back, she parked and manouvered around round-a-bouts.  She parked and even reversed.  She is getting better at driving and just needs to listen more carefully to instructions!

Soccer was great for Bridie, her team drew 3-3.  It was a great game with lots of team work.  Very surprisingly Bridie received the Coaches Award Trophy for running around everywhere on the field.  She even stole the ball of players and kicked the ball hard!
Here is she is very proud with her trophy, this has to be returned next weekend.

We are down one daughter, sister tonight.  Talia has gone to her friends for the night.
It is raining a little but the sound and light show is very entertaining.... Bridie not liking it at all...

So what I have done this afternoon was watch Yogi Bear with Bridie.  It was so good..

Trace the design on to my final Down in the Garden block.

Make the binding for my ipad pockets and flap.. tonights job is to sew these over so that I can continue making my ipad cover.  I need it this week as I am away for 4 days, 2 in Deniliquin, NSW and 2 in Hay, NSW for work purposes. 

I also managed to sew on the pockets for the cables and charger.

I am loving how it is coming together.

Until later...

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