Saturday, 6 August 2011

All complete

My iPad cover is complete.... most excited and pleased with how it looks.

A sleeve for the iPad, one for my diary/calander, two pockets for the cables and charger...

Thank you Kylie for the idea, inspiration and pattern..

I have decided to sew some press studs to hold the pockets closed as well as each sleeve.  These I have to buy tomorrow from an awesome shop where everything and anything can be purchased....


  1. now just to finish mine off and get the rest of the pattern up...

  2. I am sewing on press studs to the middle pockets, which I should have made a little wider, the charger does not quite fit.

    Also adding them to the ipad pocket as my iPad slips out. But didn't want to change the size in case I add a leather case and keyboard. something i am considering.

    The ipad sleeve fits my diary in quite nicely too and my calendar fits nicely in the other pocket.

    So so so so so happy about how it has come together.


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