Monday, 29 August 2011

Flying visit....

This past weekend we spent the night in Balranald.  The girls and I went to help celebrate our cousin and nephew's First Holy Communion.  We left on 8.45 on Saturday and arrived in Balranald at 4.00.  It does not normally take that long but Candice took the opportunity to rack up some hours driving.  She is getting better and I only had to redirect her back on the straight of the Sturt Highway once!

Coming home I didn't manage to sew as much as going, I drove a little more!

Saturday night I went out to the pub to celebrate Carol's birthday.  It was great eating out with Carol, Ange and her family.

Sunday's celebration was wonderful.  The girls dressed up to the nines with some gorgeous dresses and hair accessories.  The boys looked quite dashing in their gear.  It was great to be back in Balranald celebrating with a community I was part of for 19 years. 

I think I suprised a few people with our arrival and I was able to share some inner demons and get them off my chest and out of my system.

I have one sick  little girls who not going to school today.  She has been on the toilet most the night and has a pain in her stomach from heaving.... not good.

I have to give work a call to inform them I have a sick little one and then I will have to go in and collect some gear for my road trip Tuesday.  I am not sure if I am going or not, depends on my little one's health.

Happy sewing.....

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