Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Hexie mad

Today I returned to work, Bridie is back to school.

This time next week Bridie will be appearing in her first ever musical, Once Upon a Time.  It is sounding awesome as the songs she is singing are quite catchy.  Cannot wait for her debut!

Bridie wanted to help me out tonight so I traced 4 more 1/2 fat quarter worth of hexagons.  Bridie wanted to keep the 'scrap' to take to school as I was cutting out the hexagons.  So far I have 2 sets of green,1 blue, 1 yellow and 1 pink.  I am now going to set out and put them on papers.

I am most certain I am going to run out of papers as I need so many more.  I was wondering if anyone in blog land knows of a shop online or 'live' that sells 1 inch hexagon papers in bulk for a bargin!!!!

Here are the hexagons I have cut out so far..

Here is what a flower might look like when I have sewed it all together...

Right, off to glue....

Happy sewing....


  1. check out paperpieces.com for 1" hexagons that are bulk and cheap.


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