Friday, 2 September 2011

Friendship Challenge

Well after Kylie asked how I was going with my friendship challenge I thought I had best get my act together.

So tonight I cut out and sewed some more half square triangles.

I then laid out three squares ready to sew up. I will do this mornings accident I as not up to it, before my visitors arrive.

I slipped in the bathroom on the wet tiles, in high heels. I hit the open drawer in the vanity with my shoulder and hit my head somewhere. I am feeling sad and sorry for myself, I was more worried about my back and I landed quite hard on the tiled floor.

Shoulder sore, lower back sore, but have taken some pain relief so hope it settles down.

Happy sewing...


  1. Oh Simone no !
    Us old girls need to be so careful. Lol......
    I hope you are o.k. and not to many bruises.
    All my love.....

  2. Are you OK???
    That is why high heels are a no go zone - just like exercise!!!
    Look after yourself

  3. Bit sore and tendor but I am sure I will be fine! Thanks for the well wishes. xx


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