Monday, 15 August 2011

The joys of having the L plate driver

Being a single mum I am always behind the steering wheel transporting the girls here, there and everywhere.
Now that Candice has her L plates I am able to sit in an unfamiliar seat, the passenger's seat.
She is a safe driver and over the weekend she managed to drive from home to Canberra.  Through many road words where the speed was 40km, did some city driving, night driving and we all fared really well.

As we were on the long stretches of road I was able to pick up my stitching and do some work.

My desire is to create a pillow that I can take in the car which houses my tools so that sewing in the car is easier.  I have a pattern and I am thinking that now I am more of a passenger I can pick up my sewing more regularly.
 I am off to find the pattern...

Enjoy your day/night..

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