Wednesday, 17 August 2011

It's Raining it's Pouring

It is bucketing down here at the moment. I am hoping it eases off a little when I have to venture out to collect Candice from work. She is getting one shift a week at McDonald's which is great.

I have traced my designs on to the fabric for my quilter's pillow. Pictures are titled 'girls head' and 'stitching group'. Now I am ready to stitch...

Another road trip is expected over the next two days... Travelling to Wagga for work and lucky for me late night shopping in the big city..woohoo!!!

Girls are all sorted, Bridie spending two nights at a friends house.. She is so excited.

My bags are packed, the car is out front waiting and the alarm is set.. Bring on 5am as that is when the alarm will ring and I leave just before six...

Happy stitching.....


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