Friday, 23 September 2011

Birthday treats

I had an awesome day today for my birthday!  I share this day with my sister-in-law and my cousin!!!!

Before I went to work I had received 20 facebook messages!

I arrived at work and opened my emails to find one from Nat and Geri, all the way from Balranald!

I was spoilt with a yummy morning tea at work and chocolate cake, then  when I returned back to my desk I was greeted with a gorgeous bunch of flowers and card with a voucher to blush for some ME!!!! time...

Lunch 11 of the girls from work took me out for lunch.  We went to a cafe down the main street and it was delicious.

I came home and the girls gave me presents, thanks to mum's generosity!  I got a magic towel, keyring and chocolates from Bridie

and a $40 voucher from Little Extra's from Candice and Talia.

Also greeting me on my arrival at home was a parcel from the bestest friend Ange, I got some gorgeous fat quarters and an Extraordinary Women planner for 2012, these will be best used!

Also I recieved a packed from The Home Patch.  I have been eyeing off the xmas table topper and sewing bag so I bought them, they both arrived today!

So that was my birthday... a fabulous day.  I ended up with 71 facebook posts, 4 text messages from Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia!

And a couple of early bird messages here on my blog...

Right now I am going to hunt through my fabric and see if i can find some suitable colours to start on the patterns that arrived today!

Happy sewing....


  1. what lovely gifts you received Simone...Happy Birthday for yesterday....

  2. You did very well! I'm glad you had such a happy day. I really like that sewing bag pattern - not clever enough to make it though!!! I will have to have a look when I come to Forbes.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!! I'm off to Mildura on Monday to pick up Barbara - found out today that she has early stage bowel cancer. Very sad....... I'm having a colonoscopy on the First Tuesday of next term.........

  3. Nat that is very sad for Barbara. I will send up some big ones for her, especially with the Bishop saying Mass....
    You are so clever enough, Nat I am sure you can make the bag. I am hoping to get on to it tomorrow, as everyone is gone then.
    Off to Therese's for tea on Tuesday which will be great. Busy at work for the next week in preparation for all the meetings that are coming up!
    Enjoy Aunty Barbara's visit, Mildura and the holidays. xxxxx


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