Friday, 23 September 2011

Special Day today

Happy birthday to me!!!!!
Today is not a special number, that was last year but it is a special day.

Having morning tea and cake with everyone from the office - Kath is hosting this one!!!!!
Heading to Cafe 58 for lunch with anyone who wants to come from the office - Simmy organised this one!!!!!
My dad is coming here this afternoon (he is really going to take Candice and her friend Lara back to Canberra for the first week of the holidays!)
Tonight out for tea with Candice's soccer team and their families for the presentation.  Some ladies from work will be there too.

So I am hoping it is going to be a great day.
Happy last day of school term.  Happy holidays, I have one more week before I can take off for the week.

Happy sewing....


  1. Have a great Birthday lunch........

  2. happy birthday to you!!!
    happy birthday to you!!!

    Happy birthday dear simone,

    happy birthday to you!!!


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