Thursday, 8 September 2011

Down hill run!!!!

The last couple of days I have been busily working on my final Down in the Garden block. Tonight I finished the birdhouse and have started the pot of chives.

I had to stop as I needed to go and collect my Solid Gold dancer from her school disco, thankfully there were no injuries this time around. I was holding my breath awaiting the telephone call. She had an awesome time and lasted the whole night. Finishing at ten makes for a late night.

Tomorrow is exciting for us all, our town has there Show. The girls are wanting to miss school so they can go. Luckily Bridie has a whole day off and I only work half a day. So I am off to the show with the girls, Bridie has slept over at a friends house And is going with them to the show. I will meet them there. I am also meeting up with my quilting friend Wanda so we can check out the exhibits. I purchased a members ticket so that we can go in and out of the show as much as we like.
Hope the sky clears so that the fireworks can fire up. Fingers crossed.

Oh well my kettle has boiled, my resident Milo maker has taken herself to bed, dancing must be very tiring. I am going to charge my camera in the hope of getting some pics tomorrow...

Happy sewing....

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