Friday, 9 September 2011

Show Day

Today was exciting for us as we were able to attend our town's annual show.  This is a first for us as the town we came from was quite small and the nearest show was an hour or so away.

Well Bridie and I ventured to the showgrounds at 1pm  to see what was on offer.  Bridie had the day off and I had to work for only half the day from work so we went after we ate lunch.  We did not even spend any money!  We looked around.  Candice had her bag on display at the Red Bend Catholic College display, Bridie was pictured with my dad and her class for Grandfather's day at St Laurence's, so exciting!

When the girls got home from school we all went back to the show, this time armed with money!  The girls were given their allowance and I didn't see Candice very often, she was off with friends checking out the rides and boys!  She went on a raft ride, zipper, music trip, cha cha and dodgem plus others as well.

Talia went off with her friends for a while but came back when they decided to go on the Zipper Talia was not keen to do this so she came back.  I remember a few years back we went to the Hay show.  Talia went on the Cha Cha and came off quite sick, this year she was much braver and went on the Kamakazi, which rotates a full 180 degrees!

Bridie and I wandered around.  She met a number of her friends and I caught up with a couple of ladies from work.  Bridie bought 2 showbags, lollies of course!  She went on the Twister, but didn't really like it, the mini roller coaster and I think that was it! 

The fireworks were amazing.  They went for 15 minutes and the best I have seen in a long time.

Bridie and I might head to the show again tomorrow.  We want to go and watch the dancing, but straight after it we have to take Talia to a birthday party over in Parkes at Pizza Hut.  She is excited!  I am not sure if I am going to hang around in Parkes for the 3 hours, head home or go and visit Sharon Phipps!  I know she makes a mean coffee, she makes me one each day at 4pm when she is working.  Might go to see her.

No sewing was completed today, but I am off on a road trip for the entire week so I should manage to get some sewing done while I am away.  Hope to report back that I have finished my Down in the Garden block.

Happy sewing....

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