Saturday, 17 September 2011

Great Saturday...

Well I managed to go to Cobar Patchwork.  I bought some charm squares for the bag pattern I bought from The Home Patch in Bathurst back in May.

Not sure when I am going to get on with it.

I drove past the shop in Nyngan but it was closed so I wasn't able to venture in to see what they had in offer.

I have my swap partner for 'Scissor Keeper Swap'.  I am gathering ideas in preparation for making my swap item(s).  I am looking forward to the challenge.  I am looking for suitable fabric and suitable designs.  I am hoping that I can get on to it the first week of the school holidays when the girls are not at home.

Today Candice worked an 8 hour shift at McDonald's.  Bridie and I worked on the lawn and went to a clothes party.  I came away with only one item!

I have cut out over half of my fat quarters in preparation for my hexagon quilt.  I am only getting half the fat quarter ready as I am unsure of how large I am going to make the quilt.  Once I have cut out all of the hexagons I am going to cover the paper pieces with fabric and glue them down.  Then I will have an idea of how many sticheries I am going to need.

I have to find my camera charger and then I will be able to take some pics and post them for you all to see.

Tonight I am going to finish the final pot from my Down in the Garden block and trace on the circle patterns and then I think all that is left is the dresden plate flower!

I am so looking forward to finished this and putting it all together.

So this weeks tasks include:
1. Finishing sewing Down in the Garden block
2. Cut out hexagons from the 10 fat qaurters, only half
3. Search for fabric and designs for my scissors keeper swap

I think this is going to be a major task so best limit it to these 3.

Stay tuned for pics,
Happy stitching.....


  1. How good is the patchwork shop.....good luck with your list this week...

  2. Yes Peg, that shop is amazing.... I know where to go when I need fabric for a huge project... walls and walls of it... might also have to keep an ear out for classes there might have to venture back to attend... will have to see...


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