Sunday, 18 September 2011

Spring has sprung this Sunday

Today I spent time at home with my eldest and youngest daughter. Talia went to her friends yesterday, drove to their house in style aboard a semi trailor laden with wool bales. I spent some time outdoors spraying the paths and bricks for weeds. I bought some more whipper snipper cord but did not get the right size so taht is going to be next weekends job, after I drop the younger girls to their fathers. 

This morning Bridie and I bought a strawberry kit for GoLo and she has planted the seeds in the pot and is already asking when will she eat strawberries!  

It was a glorious day today I sat outside in the sunshine watching Bridie play and enjoying a coffee. Bridie was playing with a ball, a musical one! 
Just thoought I would show you a picture of the neighbours garden.  It is all daisies. I am thinking I might have to take a cutting or two and plant them in my yard.  We don't have a fence separating our houses only this gorgeous garden.

This afternoon I put together my 'flower' for my final Down in the Garden block. Here it is pinned to the background ready to be sewn down.

Last week while I travelled to Trangie, Warren, Cobar and Nyngan for work I was able to cut out  hexagons for my flowers for my Vignette hexagon quilt.  I am loving the colour range.  I knew I would as I sort of borrowed the idea from Kate over here.

This is what my quilt might look like finished, along with some hexagons.  This is not the final colour matching as I wanted to have each fabric available before I began, just to ensure I have a splash of different colours.

I have not begun my flower stitcheries which will go in to the spaces.  They are cut out, some have been drawn on but  I am undecided as to which colours I will use. 

I am thinking a dark green for the leaves and a strong pink for the flower!  I am open to suggestions.

I was getting so in to making the hexagons and to be expected my glue pen ran out of glue.  "sigh"
Lucky for me I headed over to Cookies and Cream Craft and put in an online order. They have a shop and a blog.  Also this is where I am participating in 'The Keeper Swap.'  I hope the order comes quickly....

For those of you who are waiting in anticipation to see my Cobar Quilting Shop purchases you can wait no more......

Here are the photos Prayer Flag charm sqaures, I have only shown a few of the fabrics here and solid fabric.  Good news for those of you who live away from Cobar they have an online shop which can be accessed here.

This fabric will be used to make a 'This and That Bag' designed by Hatched and Patched.  I purchased this pattern back in May when I was working with the same wonderful lady I worked with this past week! 

 Hope your weekend was enjoyable... 

Happy stitching.....


  1. Lots happening at your place...your hexies look great, gorgeous fabric for your bag...

  2. You have had a very busy week.
    The hexies look great.

  3. You have lots of goodies to show and there are some lovely fabrics in your hexies- alas my Down in the garden is still tucked away kit and patterns as they were when they arrived- will have to aim to do it some time soon.


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