Saturday, 3 September 2011

Pillow talk.....

Today was a great day.

I managed to put out and get in 3 loads of washing....

I watched Bridie play her last 3 games of soccer.  Her team was undefeated for the season.  The only loss they had was one of the games today.  She played well and was excited when she received a medal for her effort.  It is great that the whole team were awarded medals....

Before I left for soccer this morning I sewed together one Friendship Challenge block and two more were put together when I came home.  I have prepared another block but when I was showing Mum my stitcheries for my Quilting Pillow I thought it can't be too hard to complete so that is what I did.  I finished it..

I changed the pattern a little,  I added a border an extra border so that I could use a cushion I had already purchased and I also omitted the pin cushions as I thought more thread would be handy.
I am loving how it came together and so quick...  last week I managed to sew most of the stitcheries as Candice drove and today I sewed the cushion together.

Here is the front closed.

 And open
The green strips are cotton holders, the original design had 3 pin cushions, but I thought I need more space for thread.  The top pocket is for scissors, the flower design pockets is thin idea for a pen, quick unpick etc and next door is another pocket.

Here is the back of the cushion.

I still have to sew the bottom opening and get some ribbon for the front, but apart from that it is all done!
Ready to take on my next road trip....

Today I also sewed 3 more blocks for my friendship challenge.  I now have 6 blocks completed, only 14 to go...  when did I have to have this finished?  That is right end of this month... oh dear!

Happy sewing.....

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  1. Your stitching is gorgeous. The pillow is very cute, well done.


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