Thursday, 27 October 2011

The love of friends.....

These past few days I have been spending time at home resting and relaxing.  Each time I say I am going to work I get told no... have another day resting.

I got a lovely bunch of flowers from the girls at the office. The card read thinking of you....
The open one was closed this morning... I loved watching it open up as the day progressed.

I completed the stitching of the 3 ladies, someone referred to these as my 3 daughters.
Sorry about the orientation!
Today I managed to cut up my fabric, and make the Sketch & Stitch wallet.  I love it.. Now I have to get a pad of paper for the middle.

Thank you Nat for this wonderful pressie and thanks for dropping in to see me last night. 

Thanks Michelle for your kind words, I love ya too.  Ditto to all the bloggers who visit....
Happy stitching....


  1. Home safe and sound!!! Your creation looks great. Look after yourself and take it easy.........

  2. get better soon. the best way to get better is to have some quality enjoyable craft time...LOL

  3. I'm glad you are feeling better.
    Love what you are working on, looks great.

  4. How cute the work folder did a great job of making it.


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