Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Morning blogs

I do enjoy my morning coffee.  I try to get one in before the girls wake up but this is not always possible.  As I am having my coffee I open my laptop and begin to read the latest blogs that have been posted.

I love catching up on Kate , Peg and again Peg as well as the Michelle and Kylie (when she blogs).  These are only a few but seem to be my morning coffee girls.

Once a month I used to have a real coffeewith Kylie but I have not had a coffee with her for so long.  Hope to see her in November.... speaking of November I must get cracking on my Frienship Challenge, it is with Kylie and was meant to be for September... ooops!

I am home from work today as I had a bit of a fright and ended up at the hospital for near 7 hours yesterday psst.. I should have gone over the weekend!  I have been having pains in my chest and shoulder.  The ECG came back clear so to did the blood tests and I am soooo happy by sugar was great too.

If pains persist I am going back and then having to endure a stress test!

I am off to have my morning coffee (just a bit late), the kids have gone to school and it is very quiet.  I can attend to my blogs in peace.

Happy stitching....


  1. Hi Simone....That is bad news about your pains...I hope they sort it out soon for you....I am glad you like to spend a little of your mornings with me...Hugs Kate....

  2. Hey Simone. glad to here that you are ok. I've got to get cracking on your quilt too.

  3. I'm very glad too, to hear that you are ok.
    Take care, because we love you.


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