Thursday, 6 October 2011

Time away...

This past week I spent time away from work. 

I had a visit form the girls grandfather and his partner.  They stayed the night at it was great.  Judith and I talked until midnight!  On Tuesday morning they left and headed off home.  I took my girls to Canberra for a couple of days.  We had to come back on Thursday as Candice had work..

We went shopping at Costco...

Bridie enjoyed the trolley ride...

It was unbelievable to see shelves so high stocked with products.  I think I got some bargains..

We then went to  the movies.  Talia, Bridie and I went to see Smurf's 3D while mum and Candice went to see Dirty Stupid Love... we all enjoyed the movies.

Our movie started 30 minutes after the others so we took time out to grab a hot drink. The girls had hot chocolates and I had a Chai Latte, I am loving these at the moment.

Travelling to and from Canberra I was the passenger.  I managed to sew hexagons in the car and then in the evening.  I sewed 8 hexagons together.

Now I am going to working on a small xmas present for Bridie's teacher.  I have improvised the pattern so it will look a little different to the original pattern.

Best get back to the hand sewing of the pattern...

Happy stitching...

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  1. Wow! What a week you have had.
    I have to see The Smurfs.
    I told Derek he has to take me to see it.
    Nice hexies....


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