Friday, 11 November 2011

all is good....

Wednesday I got a great parcel in the mail.  I got my certificate for Graduate Diploma in Religious Education.  After 4 years of study I have finished.  I am so happy about this achievement.

Dentist visit was all good, didn't cost me a thing, Thank you HCF!

Excitement plus tonight, Candice is heading out to her school Junior Dinner Dance, she has asked Jack to go with her. Hope I get some pictures, last formal she went to I didn't get to see her all dressed up.

Big trip ahead tomorrow.  At this stage I am dropping the younger girls to their fathers on the highway then travelling in to Balranald.  We are going to the fete on Sunday for a little while then I might head over to Michelle's for a couple of hours and then return back to Balranald. Monday collect the girls and then go back to Swan Hill for an appointment then travel home.

Tuesday sees me heading out to Bourke for the night....

Stay tuned photos to come....

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