Saturday, 26 November 2011

Hi ho hi ho off to Bendigo....

Tuesday had me pack bags for Talia, Bridie and myself in preparation for taking Candice to Bendigo to the oral Surgeon.

Both Talia and Bridie were most excited as they were going to their friends for 3 nights while Candice and I were away.

Candice drove from Narranderra to Finley, 140 km which took us 2 hours!!!! We went via Echuca and I had not been there before I was in awe as to the town.  It was fantasttic!  We left home at 9am and arrived in Bendigo at 4pm.  We booked in to our motel and found a very nice, not so cheap, pub to eat in.  The meal was great and by the amount of people eating it was very popular.

Wednesday morning we dropped in to The Light Switch and suprised Candice's aunty with our presence.  We were invited to tea.
We shopped at Bendigo Market Place, me buying 2 dresses, one for the Deb and one for work for $99.00 was quite impressed.    I also grabbed a few things for Christmas while I was there.
Candice first appointment was at 12pm we arrived in plenty of time, they took her xrays and we had to wait for a print out, we waited and waited and waited.  AFter 30 minutes I went back to the receptionist and she discovered we were told to go.  Within 5 minutes we got our xrays and proceeded to Mr Poker's office.

We were early for our appointment and were prepared to wait.  Luckily we were seen well before our appointment.  Candice was told about the removal of the eye tooth which was attached to the bone and the  4 wisdom teeth.  Canidice needed at CAT scan so we ventured next door to have this.  Back at the surgeons I was presented with the quote, four figures beginnng with 24!!! The bill was paid and we went on to Bendigo Day Surgery to drop of the paper work and book in.  We had to be back in the morning at 8.15am.

We enjoyed a yummy tea with Tracie, John, Corey and Holly.  We were told that we should have stayed with them but being my ex-husband's sister I didn't know where I stood.  We agreed to stay on Thursday night.

Up bright and early Thursday morning and we went to the hospital at 8.15am  Candice was taken in straight away.  I was given strict orders to stay at the hospital, which I did.  Parents came and went dropping off patients and collecting others.  It was now 12 and I was getting a little anxious!  Well I go the call at 12.30 to come in and sit with her.  It was a relief to see her upright, tears did flow....

Travelling back home we went through Shepparton, might head back there this coming week!  I am on my way to Melbourne for work....

I managed to finished sewing the sleigh and toys on my block.

 Bridie with her crazy hair.  This was for school!  She sure is crazy.
I have sewed on ric rac to create the reins for my sleigh and adding the holly leaves.  Then I can begin to sew the quilt together. 

On the agenda for tomorrow is..
1. Make the pockets for the Advent parcels.
2. Sew my Christmas quilt top together.
3. ??????? Let's just hope I can put it all together before I think of something else.

Happy stitching...

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  1. Ouch !!
    You have been very busy and still got some things done.
    Great job.


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