Saturday, 19 November 2011

On the road again....

After visiting the orthodontist last Monday we now have to go to Bendigo to visit the oral surgeon to have Candice's eye tooth removed from near her nose.

We were listening last week and got most excited when the Dr said we need to organise final visits... but we have booked another appointment in January.

Well on Thursday I rang Bendigo and gave me a consultation time and a surgery day.  Candice and I are off to Bendigo on Tuesday and will return sometime on Thursday.  Was quite unbelievable that I got an appointment on Wednesday with Surgery Friday.  Here in Forbes the waiting list for a GP is way longer than that.....

So I am going to be busy packing myself and ensuring Talia and Bridie are packed to go to a friends house.  I am also planning on getting some sewing ready to take along as well.

I have dug out of the box a Xmas quilt I was going to finish last year, I had only one block left.  Will post pics later on tonight of the blocks I have already finished.

Who knows I might start cutting up my fabric to begin my Vignette quilt.

Happy stitching....


  1. travel safe and goodluck with the op........

  2. don't forget that my kettle is always on if you need a coffee break.

  3. Wow, that was quick.
    Hope all goes well too.


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