Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Bridie's Presentation Night

The school presentation night was held last night, not knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised.
The children sang 3 songs during the proceedings.  Beginning, middle and end, it was delightful!

The principal who was new this year presented her speech as a Santa List, a very long list, very creative.  She asked Santa for well behaved children, excellent teachers, magnificent teacher supports, great parents, supportive committee, dedicated school leaders, fabulous SRC and the list went on.
She also asked that parents who are leaving be blessed.
She asked that the teachers who are leaving that they find happiness and joy in their new workplace.
She asked for a Parish Priest and community who was supportive.
At the conclusion of her speech she said she would reread over her list and came to the conclusion that she didn't need anything from Santa she already had it.  She asked Santa to not read her list anymore she was happy.

Obviously her words were much more moving than those listed above and had more detais but hope you get the idea.

I was also impressed to see all the teachers present.  I was surprised to see that not one teacher presented their own class awards.  I like that idea as being an emotional person I could hardly keep the tears in.....

Finished another TTS block as I was a passenger taking Talia to mum's for the holidays.

Take care.

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