Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Competition Begins....

Today is the final day of schooling for 2011 for Candice and Talia.  Candice finishes Year 10, Talia Year 7.  I cannot believe that it the girls have finised their first full school year in Forbes.  Today Candice gets her school certificate.  The final one as next year this is going to look quite different!

For a bit of fun a challenge has been put to us by our social committee at work.

Who has the best desk and best team display? 

Wow everyone at the Catholic Education Office has got in to the spirit of Christmas.

 Yesterday one of the ladies downstairs says it WAS a challenge now it is WAR. 

I have some pictures of the start of the display in the area I work in but it is so different now. I will take more today.

Winners will be announced tomorrow.  The judge a lovely lady who resigned only in November. 

Unfortunately, I am not going to present at the big announcement!  I am going to be in Sydney at a meeting at the Catholic Education Commission.

 My Christmas Cards is covering one of the bookshelves.

The start of Merindah's desk.
Merindah's filing cabinet, the start of.....

Stay tuned, quilts and quilting designs feature in many displays.....

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