Sunday, 4 December 2011

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Our tree is up.... it is a fibre optic tred with snowflakes.  It is small as we only have a small space for it.

Already we have 4 presents underneath.  These were hand delivered by the girls Aunty on the weekend.  She is the sister of my ex-husband.  I also have a present under the tree. 

Jeanine, Mark, Maddison and Colby visited us from Balranald for Bridie's dance concert. 

Candice gave them the grand tour of Forbes and we dined at the Forbes Inn last night and ate breakfast at Mezzanine's after going to the Rotary markets.

Bridie has been busying herself setting up the nativity scene, and laying out the quilts around the lounge.  If I have not posted pictures already come back as tonight I will post some.

This evening we are going to be attending Christmas Carols in the Park.  Bridie is part of the school choir, Bridie needs singing lessons!!! but I suppose she is having a go!  Hope to post some pictures to show later on.

No stitching this weekend.  Too busy.


  1. How funny , we put our tree up today too.
    It looks good.
    Love the Christmas quilt as well.

  2. we had dance concerts too.........loved seeing all the different costumes..........


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