Saturday, 21 January 2012

Fun filled Friday night

My first Friday Night Sew In.

After I dropped Candice off to the party, cooked and ate tea cleaned up I was ready.  So about 7pm I sat down in front of the TV and got organised.  I stayed there until one am as the eyes just couldn't stay open any longer.

I wanted to start my Rose star so I found the tutorial from SelfSewn and off I went.
I drew up the hexagons and cut out the shapes.

 I then put the fabric on the hexagons.

Then I played with the organsiation of the pieces.

For this Rose Star I decided on this formation. 

During the course of the night I was texting Kylie and Michelle asking for advice on colourings.  It was wonderful knowing the Kylie was up sewing nearly as long as I was.  I am going to take Michelle's advice for  the next star, using red middle and red tips!

I have begun sewing the star together. This is it so far.
I am going to sit down this afternoon and sew the rest one, might be wishful thinking but the intention is there.

Until next time... Happy Stitching..

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