Sunday, 12 February 2012

Eventful Weekend...

Saturday I visited the local patchwork shop to buy some tea dye fabric for some projects I have sitting here. 

I arrived at the shop at 11.00am, it was packed.  I had to leave Bridie in line so that I could get Candice and drop her off at work. 

Before I left there were ladies with many bolts of fabric for the low price of $4.00. 

So when I came back I had a bit of a look and decided to get a small amount.

My aim was to use some of this fabric to make mobile phone holders and pot holders for Bridie's school fete which is on March 16th, one day before the Deb ball.The Red fleck I am going to use to border my Tis the Season.

On Saturday afternoon I managed to get my borders on my Tis the Season.  I am really happy with how the blocks have come together.
oops this picture is showing the blocks prior to sewing them together...

I am going to the patchwork shop again tomorrow to get some bottle green fabric for a small border before using that fleck fabric as the final border....
I am so loving this as it is coming together.

Bridie had a friend stay over and today I took them to the water park which is near the Lake.  It is great with water buckets, fire hoses, showers, sprays... and more....
Here are some pics...

I also spent time trying to locate my 16 year old who went missing for 8 hours!  She eventually came home after a trip to Yass with the bf without telling her mum!

Off to iron clothes to wear to work, it is a sad day tomorrow at work as one of the gorgeous girls frin downstairs, the main phone answerer has resigned and is leaving the office.  She is in the process of buying a business which is located both in Parkes and Forbes so we get to see her lots, "Painted Daisies" will be her business...

 I bet those who ring in will also miss her friendly giggles of laughter as the Coooeees are spoken down the line.

Until next time.... Happy Stitching....


  1. Simone your TTS is looking so good....well what can you say....LOL....

  2. Nice job on your TTS, it's a great feeling when you're up to the borders, nearly finished..... Looks like a fun water park, nothing better than playing in the water when its hot even when you're a grown-up.....;)

  3. Hi Simone.... popping over from Pegs to say G'day... you have some lovely projects to make and your girls look like they are having a lot of fun......

  4. Hi Simone, your Tis The Season is going to be so pretty when finished. Hope you are doing well....

  5. Hi Simone just popped over from Pegs to say hello,lovely post ,glad your daughter arrived home safe and sound,love your tis a season quilt looks great.xx

  6. Peg sent me over to say hello and to admire your work!! I love to stitch, and I love your Tis the Season!! I will be beautiful.

  7. I love your tis the season Simone ..just lovely :)

  8. I am very sad - don't worry, I'vegot her new number!!!!
    I can just imagine what happened when the runaway arrived home........ How scary for you!


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