Thursday, 9 February 2012

Need motiviation

It seems like ages since I have picked up some sewing to do.
I have a list a mile long and have not sewed a stitch.
I am going to aim tonight to sew together my rose star.

Yesterday I travelled to Warren to work with a lovely lady.  I got to drive the new holden car!  All our pool cars were being used so I had to, under sufference, to take the brand new car.  It has 20km on the clock! The car belongs to our Finance man who is just the best.
The kids were impressed when I took them to the bus in the morning, the reverse camera was full colour! the seats were leather and very low.  I have a RAV 4 to that would mean quite a lot.

Stay tuned...

Until next time.... Happy stitching...


  1. consider this a push of motivation and love from me

  2. I know you can do it !
    I haven't sewn much myself this week either.


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