Saturday, 18 February 2012

FNSI report

I spent Friday night at home making some items for the March fete at Bridie's school.
In between sewing I caught up with Kylie.  I spent all of my time in the kitchen area as Candice was in the loungeroom with the boyfriend....

Here is what I managed to do last night.

After a slow start I managed to get 6 cases sewn up, only have to sew the buttons on for the clasp - now to find them.... million dollar question!

I also sewed this together this star..  went to bed

Until next time ...... Happy stitching...


  1. I love your cases. Very bright and cheerful. I'm sewing a rose Star ,too.

    1. Thanks you so much. I am loving how they are coming together.
      Can't wait to see your rose star

  2. A very productive night.
    Love the Rose Star , it will look good.

  3. That was a very productive night, you got a lot done - is it a paper pieced star?

    1. yes the star is paper pieced, my friend Michelle discvered a blog that showed this star.


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