Friday, 17 February 2012

Friday Night Sew In

I am excited that this night has come around this month.

I nearly missed sign up but manaeged to head over to Heidi's blog to sign up.  Friday Night sew in is hosted by Heidi and her cousin Bobbi.  I am looking forward to this.. My aim tonight is to make a number of very easy phone/ipod cases for my youngest daughters school fete which is being held March 17th. 

Last month Kylie and I were messaging each other to report on what we were up to.  I know that today is Liam's third birthday and I certainly can't believe it.  I was friends with Kylie and was able to share in the joy of her pregnancy and birth of her little son.

I have only two of my daughters home tonight.  Bridie has gone to a sleepover at one of her best friends, she is 9.  It was a bit stormy here today so I am sure that not much sleep will be had. At least I get Bridie back home for a good night's sleep before she heads back to school.

I am one happy mum at the moment Bridie is doing so well to manage her behaviour without  intervention in place, well done baby girl.

Talia is loving dance at the moment and is glad she didn't pull out.  Most of the girls in her class are from year 7 at Red Bend, she is in year 8.  She was asked today by one of the girls who happens to be in her PC class where she lived before Forbes, obviously she said Balranald.  The young girl said I have been there we go to see Herb!!!!  Talia asked who Herb was, then found out his children were named Molly, Oscar.... and Talia worked out who she was talking about.  The girls she is friends with is Georgia Allegri!  She was a bit stoked about it all, seeing that she was taught by their mother and so was Georgia's brother Jacob!

Anyway I am off to cut strips of fabric into 15 x 4 inch strips for the cases!

Until next time... happy stitching...


Thank you so much for visiting me... Take care... Simone