Sunday, 5 February 2012

Fun filled weekend & Fete ideas

Friday at work I had a mishap with a mat and my high heel shoe.  I was talking to one of hte lovely ladies downstairs and stepped back but didn't lift my foot.  Well down I went, it was like slow motion as I attempted to correct my posture.  I attempted to grab at the desk and found lots of loose folders which didn't help me at all.  Down I went!! When I went back upstairs I was telling the girls in the office and had some others rushing in thinking I was dreadly upset, not laughing.  My lovely boss was on the phone to as it happen the principal at the school I used to teach at (I only know this as when the call came through - one which brightens everyone's day - I was there!)  she just didn't know what was happening.  Anyway all was well until Saturday when I was very sleepy and very sore!  Lucky I got to sew on Friday night as Saturday was a washout!

It is amazing how the technology we have available brings people together easily.

Technology brought together three of my very dear friends on Friday night.  When I moved last year my friend Kylie suggested we unite and she hatched a friendship challenge to make each other a quilt using the Depression block.

On Friday night we decided we would devote the night to making more blocks, well I constructed more blocks while Kylie chain pieced to make a start on the blocks.
What was even more special that Michelle was also sewing during the night.  Being quilt good friends regular updates were made via text messaging.  Just reaffirms the friendships we have made through the craft of Patchwork.  Here are the two blocks I put together...

I was also able to complete a couple of projects....

Purses.  Something I was really hesistant to complete but with Michelle's encouragement I have complete two.

I gave the smaller one to a gorgeous lady I work with for her happy birthday.  She said she would have to hide it from her daughter when she came home from Sydney!  Now that's a complement.

I was also asked by Kath from work to make a drawstring back for her daughter, Bridie, for her ballet shoes.  I forgot to take a picture of the finished article but here it is without the lining and cord.

Bridie loved the bag when I gave it to her.  I am kicking myself that I didn't take a completed picture.  The bears up the top form the casing for the cord...

A note came home from Bridie's school on Friday announcing there is going to be a craft staff at the fete and anyone with craft skills can make things for it.
Now I am after ideas that don't take too long to make to give to the fete.  All ideas welcome!

Until next time.... Happy Sewing....


  1. Ohno! You need to be careful young lady!! I could hear noise in the background.... The projects look great. I love the purses!! Clever thing!

  2. love those purses,well done.xx


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