Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Not a great start to the day

Well my morning began like normal. All was going well i needed to get on the road by 830 to catch a plane from Dubbo to Broken Hill.

So i Got Bridie ready for school and took her and the overnight bags to a friends house. I couldn't find my house key do Talia was told to leave the door open and not to lock it.
Well when I got back home the door was shut and locked I sped around to the bus stop to find Talia didn't have a key either.
Well panic stations hit it was 815.
I went to work had my melt down and went to the real estate to see if they had a spare. Well they werent there. So back to work I collected Bridie and Mal from work came too. We found a small window open and after many attempts to make Bridie try to get in the window she tried and was in.

I had to get to work to swap cars so I rang ahead and Simmy and Loretta were in the carpark to swap the cars. By 910 I was on the road yay plenty of time no! Ten Kms out of Dubbo I was called up. Only two minutes to close the check in. I panicked again, I arrive at the terminal illegally parked and ran in. The tears flowed freely, I parkes the car, managed to run to the toilet and boarded. As I got on the door shut and we were off.
The flight attendant told me to relax and enjoy the rest in leaving the plane the pilot asked if I was at ease! I got my hire car and cried again. I went and had lunch and bought some coffee and fruit and bumped in to an ex Balranald lady.

The rest of the day was great. Now no am sitting down glue basting some hexagons.

Will look at my presentation notes ready for tomorrow.

Hope my day tomorrow is not as mad.


  1. I hope today is better for you too Simone!

  2. Simone you poor thing, nothing worse than 50 things going wrong at the same time. Does it soothe you somewhat to say that i love the pic of your hexy's?! Hope So...


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