Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fabulous day.

If I thought right my birthday would have been today. I met my fantastic friends for lunch, they were passing through on their way to Toowoomba. I was given a gorgeous ceramic container which held some bath products.
When I got home Talia gave me a present. I tried to delay opening the parcel but Talia wasn't in to it. I opened up the parcel to find a gorgeous breakfast tray and some yummy Chocs.

I am also looking forward Friday night Sew In. This week it is hosted by Heidi at Last time I was selected as a winner. I am hoping my parcel arrives soon and had not been lost.

I am posting this message on my phone so am not able to make the link.

I have a project in kind for tomorrow night do I hope I can get it done.


  1. Poor Simone...what a day...glad you arrived home safe..

  2. Great for you to have enjoyed your lunch out with friends Simone, looking forward to seeing your FNSI work...


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