Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Delayed flights all day...

This morning I arrived at the airport with plenty if time and with ID.

We ended up traveling via Bathurst. Which delayed our arrival in to Sydney. I only managed to grab a coffee before heading to the meeting with 5 minutes to spare.

The meeting was great.

Not wanting to go shopping I went to the airport at 430 and waited for what I was expecting a 7 pm board for a 730 flight home. Boy was I wrong! The flight left Sydney at 950, again via Bathurst making our arrival in to Parkes 1120. After driving home and swapping cars I managed to get in the door at 12am.

My kids were not happy as I had left them home alone. Something I will never do again.

I am expecting a phone call today lol from the gorgeous Ange and her hubby Bill. They are traveling through and want tower up for lunch.
I cannot wait.

Right best try to go to sleep but I fear I am now overtired.


  1. Poor kids - poor you. You must be exhausted with both travel issues and kids at home to worry about...what was the issue with the airport?

  2. How annoying with the delay. Hopefully you had some hexies with you. I can understand the girls being unhappy.

  3. Simone that's a pest all those delays... I know that feeling of not wanting to have your kids be on their own like that. Hope you can catch up on some sleep

  4. Sorry you were delayed.....
    It's not the best waiting around.


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