Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Beginnings of my Vignette Quilt

Today I went to the local patchwork shop after it closed to attend a class.
I spent the time tracing some of the Vignette stitchery borders. I figured if they were traced I might be tempted to stitch them.

I have been working a wall hanging each night and am nearing the end.

I bought the cutest buttons today. They are black with a floral design on them. Can't wait to use them. I am going to add them to my Black and White Bag Swap.


  1. Simone I hope you enjoy stitching Vignette, you have plenty of company, it's popular...

  2. You have been busy today - can't wait to see your black and white bag.

  3. Looking forward to watching your Vignette quilt grow, hugs

  4. hi, thank you for posting a welcome to my new blog. Have fun doing the Vignette project! I've seen some very pretty ones in progress. debbie


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