Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I adore tea

There is a shop in Canberra called Adore Tea.
Mum Bridie and I went to Gold Creek Village to sample the teas.

Mum had a Creme Brûlée tea. It was quite bland.
Bridie had an old fashioned milkshake.
I had a sticky toffee pudding tea. It was nice.

Bridie had a mint slice cake. M an I had scones.

We went to Calico Patch but left with no purchases.
I stitched some circles tonight for a basket I am making.

I am loving visiting mum


  1. Wow Simone all that food looks scrummy, great to have time with your Mum... how on earth did you go to a craft shop and not buy anything?!

  2. What flavours of tea will they come up with next! How nice spending time with your Mum.

  3. Sounds wonderful!!!!!
    Time with mum AND the tea! :)

  4. How lucky are you to be able to spend time with your mum - make the most of it while you can.


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