Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I feel spoilt - Black and White Bag Swap

Today I met Geniene at the local shops to have a coffee and to swap our Black and White bags.
My daughter was the photographer so please excuse the the pictures!

All I can say is wow! My bag is just so cute and will be used often.

Geniene also put in some gorgeous gifts. 

My scent was a vanilla blossom.

A black and white fat quarter.

A black and white bling lipstick pen.

Silicone glove hand cream.

A sample of Tomorrow fragrance.

 I am feeling so loved.

This is the bag I made for Geniene.

Thank you Cheryll for organising a wonderful swap.  Head over to Cheryll's blog to see more of her swaps. 


  1. Two gorgeous bags! How lovely to meet your swap partner and exchange bags.

  2. Thanks Simone
    It was wonderful to meet You today and your beautiful daughter.
    My bag is going to be used to the hilt carring all my crafty goodness back and forward to craft group.. Hope that we can meet again and when we go your way to visit friends I will be sure to look you up. Thanks again so much for a wonderful swap and coffee and chat.
    Your new friend Geniene XX

  3. what wonderful bags,great swap ladies,well done and also what fun to exchange in person.xx

  4. That's awesome - so glad you both had a great time and those black and white bags are beautiful!

  5. Simone how wonderful to have met up with your partner to exchange your bags! They are both gorgeous, great stitching there.


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