Sunday, 20 January 2013

Girls Day Out Block One

Friends Making Quilts Together

Early in January I accepted the challenge to complete Girls Day Out with other like minded ladies.  It was decided we would blog about our progress so that others could keep informed.

It was then decided we would have our own blog where we could all contribute our progress as it happens.  You can go directly to the blog by clicking HERE.

My kit was purchased from " I can't remember" back in 2007 I think.  It has been sitting in a pizza box in my cupboard.  Well now the pizza box has been replaced with a gorgeous heart box I purchased from The Reject Shop.  This box now sits proudly on my chest next to my chair.

Last night I prepared all the applique pieces for Block One and began sewing the writing on the shop window.  When I finished the writing I ironed the applique pieces on the background and then drew the design I need to hand sew.

Hey Shez I hope you can see this picture! 
The only thing with making a picture large is everyone can see the faults!

The block is ready be be sewn.  

I am back to work tomorrow so I hope that I can continue to sew in the evenings.  Until Uni goes back I am sure that this will be possible.


  1. this size is heaps better,thankyou Simone,it looks fantastic,i was meant to start stitching tonight,but did machine sewing instead,maybe tomorrow night.xx

  2. Looks great... I better get a move on! :)

  3. The block looks lovely Simone and there are no faults that I can see. Sharyn:)

  4. I look forward to watching this quilt grow :)

  5. The block looks wonderful. Anyone who can see faults, is as per Mr Potato Head, using the wrong eyes, lol


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