Tuesday, 1 January 2013

No reply posts

I am in a panic.

I have just been told by Peg that my comments on her log are coming back as No reply.

Is anyone else also having this trouble?

I have searched what light be the problem and it is something to do with google plus however I changed to google plus a while ago. This is only happening now.

If I am a no reply blogger on your comments. Please let me know. I am not sure how I am going to fix it.


  1. Well it is the new year... something to keep you on your toes..lol. Hope a fix is close by! :)

  2. Happy new year Simone. I don't receive replies to my comments but I think it's because I don't have a blog. A friend told me about ChockyBlues blog, who has bloggers tips. Might help. Sharyn:)

  3. Chookyblue here.........it usually has something to do with your profile but I looked at yours and your email is showing.........I don't know much about google+ I am avoiding it as I am not into circles of friends and all the extra stuff i don't want to do there.......but I do have a tab at the top of my blog that has links to lots of help things.......leave me a comment and I will see if I can reply to you........

  4. Oh dear...that sounds rather awful, but then I have always been able to reply to your comments and I swapped to google+ after you and people are replying to my comments. You can also try leaving me a comment and I'll let you kniw what happens. good luck with it all!

  5. Yep Simone, you come up as no reply for me too, but weirdly if I reply it doesn't spit it back at me saying no send so I haven't been sure whether you have been getting them or not. That is why I started emailing you direct with replies to your lovely comments :) Sorry I did not say, I stupidly did not think of it! Hope you figure it out, until you do I will still be replying my way :)


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