Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Lots of stitching.

I am back working on a number of stitching projects.

Here is the beginning of block two of Garden of Friendship.  The black is the basting that is attaching the wadding to the fabric.  Loving the cuteness of these blocks. 8 1/2 to go...

The manager of my local patchwork shop said that I had as long as needed to finish the blocks as long as they were as pretty as the first one.  Same colours are being used so I guess they will be the same.

Here is another stitched strip ready for a new pincushion.  Cannot wait to sew some fabric on this one.  Have to wait and see what I need for my bag before I can use this orange piece.

I have also begun the stitching on my Red Home back, number 2.  The background fabric is as orange as the strip above but my flash wasn't working too well so it looks quite washed out.  This weekend I am going to cut the fabric to use for this bag and then I can make the pin cushion again.

I have also found some traced designs for  a candle holder mat and some coasters for Christmas.  I am going to be finishing these off for my 1 Xmas Item a Month project.

I am off to Sydney on Wednesday, for the night so I need to pack my university readings as Friday is the start of my studying again.

My aim is to complete a Masters in Education Leadership/ Masters of Religious Education.  This will only take me 3 years!!!!!
I have already completed two Religion units at Masters level last time I studied.  The degree enables me to lead in a Catholic school, if that is what I would like to do...


  1. Still keeping busy Simone. It all looks interesting. Good luck with your studies. Sharyn:)

  2. beautiful work there Simone,well done and good luck with your schooling.xx

  3. Lots of wonderful stitching Simone. Hope all goes well with your studies. Hugs....

  4. Nice work Simone.
    Back to school for you !!

  5. Back to school for Mum and the kids eh! Love the stitchery so far... it will be wonderful! :)

  6. Lovely stitching....and three years will be gone before you know it....


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