Saturday, 9 March 2013

Thank goodness Saturday is finished.

I was looking forward to a great weekend but Friday ended terribly and Saturday was not much better!

1. My daughters got a text message from their father saying he was in an accident. He described the accident in the text and well hysteria set in. The girls thought the worst. I just had to sit down and enjoy the ride of emotions as whatever I said was not right!

2. I woke up on Saturday and went outside to get my washing basket and pegs from the day before. Well as I opened the door no basket, no pegs and some washing-missing, The important bits bras and knickers for all of us.

3. Went shopping before breakfast to buy a new basket and some pegs.

4. Midday I got a phone call from a private number. I answered it and was asked who I was so i asked who they were and was told it was Balranald hospital and did I know ????? Of course I did! so the nurse gave me an update for the girls and finished by telling me ????? was being transferred to Mildura in an ambulance!!!

Anyway don't want to bore you any more but let's say the kids are more settled and happier tonight then last.


Bridie and i decorated a cake box for the school fete. It is a farming theme and we used some bug wrapping paper and cards with gardening etc as declarations.

After this Bridie and I got the iPad out and logged in to Foxtel and watched some shows.

I also picked up the coasters I began at mums in January and finished the stitching off. I was meant to stitch a centre but when looking for fabric To form a border between the background and the centre i pulled out the fabric I used. I fussy cut circles and sewed them on. I love how they turned out.

- Back the coasters.
- Machine sew the squares for my second pin cushion.
- Work on my second True Friends tote bag stitchery. The fabric cut and ready to go.

Hope Sunday is a better day!


  1. oh dear i do hope things improve for you and the girls.xx

  2. Oh No not good Simone..
    Do wish you a much better day Sunday...

  3. Sometimes even the best laid plans come undone. Hope all is OK with the girls now and you get back to sewing.

  4. I hope it all works out ok with the ex, it must be difficult Simone to say the least. Omg about your undie snatcher, hope the nicked nickers weren't Sunday bests. Better luck for today. Sharyn:)

  5. Oh what a torrid time - I NEVER leave washing out over night for that reason...hope your Sunday is much brighter and that things settle down into normalcy real soon.

  6. How creepy can people get - and what an awful feeling for you to find them all taken. Violation of your home and yard is awful. Hope today is sweeter for you!!

  7. Oh no Simone. Someone pinched your nickers! They obviously thought you had good taste and chose to 'shop' from your clothesline. Hope today is better for you. Hugs, Christine

  8. That's just too creepy having your delicates disappear.
    Hope your Sunday is alot calmer :)

  9. Not a good start to the weekend , hope things go better for you from now on and the girls Dad recovers quickly. Hugs.......

  10. Oh, Simone......I hope the girls are o.k.
    And your clothes line thief......not the best way to have to get new underwear....


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