Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Best Friends Forever

PLast night Kylie and I linked up to work on our BFF instalment one.  We both have joined Country Hart for this BOM. Kylie lives over 600 km away so it is great that technology is allowing is to stitch together.

During the night we text updates and messages of support. 

This is my result.

I have begun the green chain stitch. 

This is what Kylie did. 

Kylie is a beautiful sewer and not as quick as me. 

Hope we can link up again soon. 


  1. Do you use a hoop when you stitch? Technology is a wonderful thing, glad you could work with a friend!

  2. lovely stitching with a friend even if they are far away,well done ladies.xx

  3. Looking lovely Simone. Hugs.....

  4. Sounds like you two had fun and made lots of progress..


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