Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Chilly penguin bag finished

Okay it is only 9th July and ( happy dance) my July stitch-a-long project.

The bag is called chilly penguin because the stitchery is meant to be of a penguin. 

I wanted to use the bag more often then   Christmas so I chose the boots and mice stitchery. 

I have used French General fabric again. It is my favourite fabric at the movement. I have nearly used all what I have but I am sure I will find more. 

Now to get organised for my Virtual sewing evening sewing BFF with Kylie. 


  1. Simone tis is just so cute...have fun tonight....

  2. your bag looks great.........and finished so early in the month............

  3. Well done on being finished so early in the month! Enjoy your sewing with Kylie x

  4. A beautiful bag - and love your choice of stitchery.

  5. Oh you just gave me the biggest heads up - thanks! Great bag and stitchery btw!

  6. Your bag looks great Simone. Enjoy your sewing evening!


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