Saturday, 6 July 2013


This is the first FNwF i have begun during the day.

Hunting around my fabrics I reconnected with a table stopper appliqué piece. It is missing the centre piece.


I got some fabric and cut and sewed until I had the centre piece. 

It needs a good press and then I can move onto stage two. 

Now you may remember the blocks I was stitching for the local patchwork shop. Well I was asked if I would sew the top together. 

Of course I couldn't say no. Lucky for me the fabrics were already cut. I managed to sew all the small squares into the larger ones. I sew 36 sets. 

This is the block i sewed to see hownit will look. 

I then sat down and stitched more of my angel. She is nearly finished. 

Thanks Chez for a great night. 

Today I wish my baby farewell as she is off to spend the week with her father. This is her first time without the big sisters. I am very nervous for her.  I bought myself a prepaid phone and she is taking this with her and when we want we can ring or text. 

Saturday  afternoon Was spent at NelliesCountry  Flair sewing. 

Happy Saturday 


  1. You had a good all looks mummies always worry..x

  2. WOW, you were time for TimTams and coffee I see. Great work.

  3. Your blocks look great but that angel is a beauty - just love her!!

  4. All your projects are very pretty! I love the colours :)

  5. beautiful work Simone,and its hard not to worry about our kiddies,xx

  6. You did have a very busy productive night. Love your Angel..
    I am sure your littlie will be fine.

  7. Love your FG Block it is Gorgeous..Lots of Lovely Stitching you have done...Mum's are Meant to Worry lol.

  8. Lovely projects. French General is great for the table topper.

  9. Beautiful projects you have going on there.

  10. you have been busy Simone. Everything looks gorgeous. It's amazing how just sewing some eyes on your angel has made it look fantastic!

  11. You are on a roll Simone! Love your AnGeL!!! Reminds me of someone I :)

  12. Great work Simone and I'm sure our baby will have a great week with her dad.

  13. Good work on the block sewing Simone.
    I hope that your darling girl had a good time with her Dad; it's the evolution of family & of life, but that doesn't mean that going through it is any easier at the time. Good idea re the phone x

  14. you got quite a bit done Simone...well done! I know what it's like sending babies away to their dad's.....scary...but it's your job to worry and she'll be fine, I'm sure!
    take care and sugary hugs
    Wendy :O) xox


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