Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sewing weekend

Today I spent the day at a friends studio working on some projects. 

I prepared my table topper by cutting out the centre circle and basting the top to the stitchery circle. This was not in the pattern however I thought reverse appliqué would be easier for me to do. 

I then got all of my flannel pieces and sewed the block units together. 

I discovered I needed some 1 1/2 inch blocks to finish some blocks. As soon as I cut these I will have all units ready to make into 18" blocks. 

I have photos of other projects worked on today. Will blog them during the week. 

Three days of Holidays left. 

Bridie update: Had some text messages. All going well. 


  1. you have been busy! I still worry about my five when they are away and they range in age 20 - 33!!! Won't be long and she will be home again.

  2. Oh you poor love only 3 days left, and here was I whinging about only having one week left...make the most of your 3 days. Love your latest work ;)

  3. Busy day by the looks of it. We mothers always worry about our kid no matter what their ages.

  4. Great sewing there Simone.

  5. Your flannel quilt is going to be lovely Simone. I bet Bridie's having a wonderful time.

  6. You must be pleased with the text....those blocks are just so lovely, its going to be a wonderful quilt,,

  7. You got lots done. Still three days to go so hope you get lots more done. Hugs....


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