Sunday, 25 August 2013


September is just around the corner and there are a couple of birthdays to celebrate during the month.  In my family there are three ladies who share the same day!!!

My birthday falls towards the end of September, but I have a parcel sitting here waiting for the special day to come around.  The envelope remains sealed much to Bridies disappointment. 

I am also getting in early and will be sending off parcels this week to two ladies who are part of the Fat Quarter Birthday club. 

So I am off to visit Australia Post to say farewell to two packages. 

Now ladies please don't open them until your special day. 


  1. yes i have done the same Simone with me being away most of september i wanted to make sure all my parcels were sent.xx

  2. You are so organised, me not so much. Australia Post is going to love seeing you !

  3. Australia Post is having a big week...


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