Saturday, 30 November 2013

Couldn't wait anymore.....

No my SSCS Parcels are still under the tree!! 

Which has been put up. Bridie has dance rehearsal tomorrow and thought she just couldn't wait. So she put it  up. 

My two new ornaments are the only decorations in it. One from SSCS 2013, the other from Santa sack swap 2012 from Christine. 

We are renting so putting things up in the walls is drowned in so.....   

We have clipped them to the curtains. 
You can see the two gifts I received from 2013 Christmas in July swap from O'Faigh along with two more Santa sack 2012 gifts from Christine. 

I have also clipped a Santa hanging to my mini quilt stand. 

Will post more pictures later 


  1. Looks fabulous what a great idea with the curtains.

  2. looking very chrismassy Simone.xx

  3. not sure when my tree will be going up............good to see your sscs main present is very safe........


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